• Top 12 Best Large Wine Fridges & Coolers
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    Top 12 Best Large Wine Fridges & Coolers

    Last Updated: In this article, we’ll be discussing the best large wine coolers. Organizing and storing a wide collection of wines is only possible with a sufficiently sized wine fridge. For the wine collector (or serious wine lover) who has a collection of more than 60+ bottles of wine to store and keep, storage capacity is never a problem with all the varieties and sizes available in the market today. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices whether you want to go for a dual zone wine cooler that chills both red and white wines, or you prefer the single temperature zone with only one temperature set for all your wines.…

  • Top 12 Best 24 Inch Wine Coolers & Fridges - Under Counter & Built-in
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    Top 12 Best 24-Inch Wine Coolers & Fridges (May 2024)

    Last Updated:   Do you enjoy having sparkling wine every now and then even at the comfort of your house? Then you should know how important it is to keep wines at an ideal temperature. Wines should be stored perfectly at a temperature they require in order to maintain freshness, quality taste, and aroma. Proper storage and cooling of wines do not only preserve its quality but also bring wines to perfect aging. High temperature or even too low temperature may damage the quality and taste of wine. This is why it is important to have a wine cooler that is precisely designed and built for cooling and storing wines.…

  • Top 14 Best Small Wine Fridges & Coolers
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    Top 15 Best Small Wine Fridges (May 2024)

    Last Updated: Keeping your wines fresh requires the right temperature and light. Whenever wines come into contact with too much light or high temperatures, it’s not only negatively affecting the wine’s flavor, but it’s prematurely aging the wine too. Although most wines are purchased to be consumed within the day or on the next day, some wines are intended to be kept for the long term. As the wine ages, its flavor improves and becomes richer. This is what every wine collector aims for in keeping and storing wines. However, wines rapidly deteriorate if not kept in an adequate and suitable condition. Wine bottles should be on their side, too,…

  • Top 12 Best Freestanding Wine Coolers & Fridges
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    Top 12 Best Freestanding Wine Coolers & Fridges (2024 Review)🥇

    Last Updated:   Having enough space at home intended for your wine collection is a great thing if you want to keep things organized. Instead of having the traditional refrigerator, you can control the temperature settings for your bottles with a freestanding refrigerator. The best thing about it is that you can install it anywhere you want without worrying about its maintenance. Whether you want it in your room or in your home-designed bar or even in your kitchen, you can just push it and load it with your favorite wine bottles.     🥂Best Freestanding Wine Coolers – Top 12 Ivation 8-Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler – Skip to section…

  • Top 9 Best EdgeStar Wine Coolers & Edgestar Wine Fridges
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    Top 9 Best EdgeStar Wine Fridges (2024 Review)

    Wine enthusiasts, gather round. Today’s post will bring to your attention a brand that offers wine coolers and fridges at great value. Whether you are looking for a slim-type wine cooler or a dual-zone wine fridge with high bottle capacity, our review will show you what is on the market right now and highlight our top picks. Why Buy EdgeStar? EdgeStar has been gaining hype with lots of positive reviews and high customer satisfaction ratings. They are a BBB accredited business with an A+ reliability ranking for over a decade of launching quality niche appliances that anticipate the needs of the customers. Their wine refrigerators are designed for contemporary kitchens,…

  • EdgeStar CWR70SZ Bottle Wine Cooler Review
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    EdgeStar CWR70SZ 7 Bottle Wine Cooler Review | Love Craft Wines

    Today’s product review will highlight an ultra-slim, barely-there wine cooler from a reputable brand in wine refrigeration. Our review puts the EdgeStar CWR70SZ 6-Inch 7 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler on the spotlight. It’s a built-in wine cooler with a slim body that can be installed into the smallest spaces. As we often do here at Love Craft Wines, we research and review all aspects of wine coolers including its features, technical specs, pros, cons, and everything else you need to know before you buy this model. Is it the wine cooler you’re looking for to put in your home? Read this quick review or jump to the summary to find…

  • EdgeStar TWR325ESS 32 Bottle Wine Cooler
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    EdgeStar TWR325ESS 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

    In today’s review, our focus will be on EdgeStar TWR325ESS wine cooler which is a double-door, dual-temperature wine refrigerator for all of you folks who keep a small wine collection with a good variety. As is our practice here at Love Craft Wines, we will look into the technical specifications of this wine cooler along with its special features, design, and performance. Then, we will list a few pros and cons of buying this wine cooler, some reviews, and our summary of this product. EdgeStar TWR325ESS 32 Bottle Wine Cooler Review Dimensions Height- Approximately 33 inches including the hinges on top and the adjustable leveling legs Width- 21 inches Depth- Approximately…

  • EdgeStar TWR215ESS 21 Bottle Wine Cooler Review
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    EdgeStar TWR215ESS 21 Bottle Wine Cooler Review | Love Craft Wines

    Are you searching for a dual zone wine cooler that can stand in a vertical space in your kitchen? This product review looks into a wine refrigerator that does just that. We will be reviewing the EdgeStar TWR215ESS, a dual zone wine cooler for freestanding installations in your kitchen. We will check its overall aesthetics, bottle capacity, cooling performance, some advantages and disadvantages, and a summary of all the customer reviews on this wine cooler. If you do not have enough time to go through reviews and research on amazing wine cooling products with the features you need at your budget price point, this product review will definitely save you…

  • EdgeStar CWR1101DZ 110 Bottle Wine Cooler
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    EdgeStar CWR1101DZ 110 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

    In this product review article, we’re going to be reviewing the EdgeStar CWR1101DZ 110 Bottle Wine Cooler, which is a Dual Zone, Stainless Steel unit. We’ll be discussing the wine cooler’s technical specifications, price, design & capacity, warranty, pros & cons and a summary of the unit.   EdgeStar CWR1101DZ 110 Bottle Built-in Dual Zone Wine Cooler Dimensions: Height – 54.8 inches Width – 23.4 inches Depth – 25.5 inches Weight – 180 pounds   Price $$$$$   Capacity and Design: With a sleek pitch black color, the EdgeStar 110 Bottle Wine Cooler is definitely a great addition to your kitchen, whether or not it’s in your home or a…

  • Top 10 Best 15-Inch Wine Coolers & Refrigerators
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    10 Best 15-Inch Wine Coolers & Fridges (2024 Review)

    Last Updated:   Enjoy elegant relaxation and dining with a glass of sparkling wine precisely stored and chilled in a wine cooler at home. If you love wines, whether red or white, you should have high-quality technology in your bedroom, kitchen, or commercial space, suitable to keep those precious bottles of wines fresh and flavorful. Keeping a wine cellar is not practical most of the time, especially if you have limited space at home or in your office and if you have only a few bottles in your personal wine collection. It is good to know that most of the modern wine coolers nowadays are made to fit your seamless…