EdgeStar TWR325ESS 32 Bottle Wine Cooler
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EdgeStar TWR325ESS 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

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In today’s review, our focus will be on EdgeStar TWR325ESS wine cooler which is a double-door, dual-temperature wine refrigerator for all of you folks who keep a small wine collection with a good variety.

As is our practice here at Love Craft Wines, we will look into the technical specifications of this wine cooler along with its special features, design, and performance. Then, we will list a few pros and cons of buying this wine cooler, some reviews, and our summary of this product.

EdgeStar TWR325ESS 32 Bottle Wine Cooler Review


  • Height- Approximately 33 inches including the hinges on top and the adjustable leveling legs
  • Width- 21 inches
  • Depth- Approximately 22 inches with the handles
  • Weight- 70 pounds





Capacity and Design

The EdgeStar TWR325ESS features 14 sliding shelves and a roomy space at the bottom to create 16 different bottle areas. The maximum bottle capacity of this wine cooler is 32 standard 2.5” Bordeaux bottles (750mL). The shelving system is also removable, which makes it possible to store longer and wider bottles, albeit reducing bottle capacity. Some customers have noted fitting a few champagne or pinot noir bottles in this wine cooler.

The EdgeStar TWR325ESS is about as tall as a barstool and doesn’t take up much space. It is designed to be free-standing so you can display it anywhere you like around your home. Do know that it is not built to withstand the elements in the outdoors.

The French door design makes it possible to have a dual-zone operation. The door panels are made of tempered glass which keep the cool in and protects your wine from outside light. The interiors do have a soft blue LED light that highlights your wine collection without harming it.

The wine cooler itself is engineered with a stainless steel body and a scalloped chrome shelving system. The digital temperature display and controls are located in the exterior of the wine cooler. This allows adjustments to be made on the temperature without having to open the wine fridge.

The handles are also very sleek and the manufacturer’s name Edgestar is imprinted at the bottom part of the two-door panels.



For its size and value, this wine cooler provides good value with these product highlights:

  • Dual Temperature Zone– If you have a wine collection that requires different temperature levels, this feature would be of great importance to you. With this model, you can maintain two different temperature levels for the wine bottles on the left and right zones. The temperature ranges between 40 to 65°F so you can easily find the optimal temperature to cool your wine.
  • Internal Fans– This feature ensures even air cooling throughout all the wine bottles stored in your wine cooler.
  • Quiet and Vibration-Free- This model boasts a noise-free performance and also eliminates harmful vibrations which can agitate your wine collection.
  • Thermoelectric cooling system- Edgestar opted to utilize a cooling type that does not emit CFC’s for a more environmentally-friendly wine cooler.
  • Auto Defrost- This feature is convenient for easy cleaning and maintenance of the wine fridge.



The EdgeStar TWR325ESS comes with a one-year warranty on parts and 90 days warranty on labor. Keep in mind that shipping expenses for repairs covered under warranty as well as those out of warranty are to be shouldered by the buyer.


Customer Reviews

The longevity of this wine cooler ranges between 1 to 3 years for most consumers. Keep in mind that once the wine fridge has run its course, it is more cost-effective to purchase a new unit rather than to have it repaired. According to most of the customers, the cost to have the unit repaired is more than the cost to buy the same unit. Many long-term owners of the EdgeStar TWR325ESS have purchased the same unit after their old one has reached its full lifespan.

Beware of faulty units that can have noisy fans or fans that do not work. Also, customers should be wary about the costs of replacing or having their units repaired after the warranty period. Several bummed customers advise it best to purchase another unit instead of going through the hassles of replacing parts or having the unit repaired. Even local repair companies are said to charge a costly amount to repair appliances with no compressors as this is a thermoelectric wine cooler.

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  • Easy-to-read temperature display with simple digital controls
  • Energy-efficient running at 210 watts
  • High bottle capacity for its size
  • Long power cord around 30 inches long
  • Aesthetically-pleasing design that blends with most modern and industrial kitchen décor
  • Easy-to-clean with removable shelves, glass doors, and an auto-defrost feature


  • Can’t fit under counters or built into an island
  • Requires adequate space on all sides for proper ventilation; failing to comply may result in the unit breaking
  • Repairs and replacements outside of warranty can be costly



If you are searching for a dual-zone operation wine cooler that does not require complicated installations, the EdgeStar TWR325ESS Wine Cooler is one to consider. This freestanding unit features double doors, each with a manageable temperature zone. You can choose the optimal temperatures for your type of wine using the easily accessible digital control located in the exteriors. This ensures the least disruptions to cooling. The air-cooling system also boasts quiet performance, even cooling, zero vibrations, and no CFC emission.

The overall look of the EdgeStar TWR325ESS complements its performance. The location of the temperature controls, the tinted glass doors, and the LED interior lights are all carefully incorporated in the overall design without compromising on the efficiency of the unit.

The classy wine cooler comes at a cheap price and a good unit should last 1 to 3 years. There may be some issues with faulty units and some warranty issues. Patience is the key to such issues.

If you consider the features of the EdgeStar TWR325ESS Dual Zone Wine Cooler in accordance with its size and affordable price, it is worth the value you pay for.

However, if you’re looking for more wine coolers from EdgeStar, take a look at our top 9 best EdgeStar Wine Fridges buyers guide.

David J Sharp is a wine equipment expert, having previously worked with some of the best wine cooler manufacturers within the USA. Today he works as a full-time wine cooler and wine cellar consultant for small and large clients alike. You can find out more about LoveCraftWines here.

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