Is a wine refrigerator worth it?

Is a Wine Fridge Worth It?

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In this article, we’re going to be discussing whether it’s worth it to purchase a wine refrigerator.

What is a wine fridge?

This is a question that we get asked. Simply put, a wine fridge is a multi-functional appliance used to store wine bottles for the main purpose of keeping them at their ideal, chilled temperature.

It’s also commonly referred to as a wine cooler.

There are several different types of wine refrigerators available to buy, for example you can get a thermoelectric or compressor powered unit. Each has its own unique benefits and drawbacks, with thermoelectric cooling systems generally being used in smaller wine coolers, as opposed to compressor systems which are used in medium and large-sized wine coolers.

Additionally, you can then decide whether you want a single zone or dual zone wine fridge. This simply refers to the number of storage compartments that the unit has, so that different varieties of wine can be stored in separate compartments.

Finally, there are both freestanding and undercounter wine fridges, and the ideal one depends on exactly where you’ll want it to be positioned.

What are the benefits of a wine fridge?

The core advantage of wine cooler over a traditional wine fridge is that it’s specifically designed to store wine bottles, including your red and white wine collection (not to mention your rose and sparkling wine). Therefore, it’s able to meet temperature and humidity requirements a lot easier and more consistently than a traditional fridge, which is especially important if you’re looking for a long-term wine storage solution.

Why? Because wine can quite easily go bad if it’s stored for long periods of time, at the wrong temperature and humidity settings.

What are the drawbacks of a wine fridge?

The main drawback of a wine refrigerator that we can think of is the initial cost, as depending on the size of unit, can be somewhat expensive.

Additionally, some of the large-sized units can take up a lot of physical space, so it’s definitely worth measuring the desired area where it will be stored before purchasing one.

Is a Wine Refrigerator Worth It?

Absolutely! A wine fridge is ideal for anyone who likes to drink or collect wine, whether that’s on a casual or professional basis.

The reason we say this is because there are so many different types of wine fridge, you’ll certainly be able to find the most suitable one for your budget, size (capacity), storage compartments, colour, material and positional requirements.

As mentioned above, it isn’t just the technical specifications that are readily varied from product to product, but often wine cooler brands will vary the style of each wine fridge, including the shape, colour and material. For example, lots of wine fridge manufacturers use stainless steel, aluminium, high-grade plastics and other materials for the construction of their products.

Wine refrigerators will usually have glass doors, and display shelves, so that your wine is easily visible without having to open the unit. Because opening the unit disrupts its cooling, which is the biggest problem with a conventional fridge.

Additionally, wine fridges are extremely versatile in their placement, and so you can easily place one in your kitchen, dining room, wine cellar or commercial environment, and it will operate just fine, for as long as the environment isn’t too hot.

What should I look for when buying a wine fridge?

There are a few different factors that you should take into consideration when looking to purchase a wine fridge. These are as follows:

  • Bottle Capacity
  • Physical Size
  • Cost
  • Brand
  • Style/Design
  • Warranty

Bottle Capacity

It’s important to consider a wine fridge‘s bottle capacity, because this will limit the number of wine bottles that can be stored.

Not only this, but it will dictate (to an extent) which type of cooling system the wine fridge will have, since thermoelectric coolers are only used in small wine fridges. And it will subsequently impact on the running costs.

Physical Size

Although the physical size is somewhat dependent on the bottle capacity, there are still many different options when it comes to the available shapes and sizes of a wine fridge.

Therefore, it’s important to measure the ideal space where you want to position your wine cooler, so that you can keep this in mind whilst choosing.


The price of a wine refrigerator is always a crucial factor. Therefore, it’s important to stick to your budget here. However, be aware that a wine cooler is an investment, and it’s never good to buy cheap for the sake of buying cheap.

Instead, aim to get the best quality unit, for the most affordable price.


Some wine manufacturers and wine fridge brands are more trusted, and provide products that are more reliable than other competitors. Therefore, it’s very important to consider brand and unit reviews/ratings before purchasing a wine cooler.


The style and design of a wine cooler is equally as important as other mentioned criteria, for the reason that you’ll be looking at this unit almost every day (depending on where it’s situated), and therefore it will need to be somewhat aesthetically pleasing.

Think about your styling requirements, and find the most suitable unit which matches your preferences.


Finally, last but not least, a warranty is exceptionally important to consider.

This is particularly crucial if you’re looking at purchasing a large wine fridge that may be used in your wine cellar or even in a commercial environment.


A wine cooler is most certainly worth it for anyone who’s looking to store their collection of wines, whether that’s a large or small collection.

With that being said, be sure to do your research into finding the best one to suit your needs. For an in-depth guide on this, read our how to choose a wine cooler article.

David J Sharp is a wine equipment expert, having previously worked with some of the best wine cooler manufacturers within the USA. Today he works as a full-time wine cooler and wine cellar consultant for small and large clients alike. You can find out more about LoveCraftWines here.

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