How long do wine refrigerators last
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How Long Do Wine Fridges Last?

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In this article we’ll be discussing how long a wine fridge generally lasts.

Now although we don’t have a crystal ball to tell the future, wine refrigerators do have a certain lifespan.


How long do wine fridges last?

How long does a wine cooler last? A wine fridge is a useful device to store your wines in the right temperature. Wine fridges differ in size and capacity, therefore there’s no fixed lifespan for a wine fridge. Some consumers have reported that their wine fridge lasted for over 20 years.

However, there are no guarantees that your device will run as long as this – you still have to maintain it properly for it to last.

To clarify, some people assume that their appliance will last forever – but the fact is, they have a lifespan – they’re just a handy storage solution for your expensive bottles of red, white and bubbly! If you take good care of your appliance everything should be just fine.

Now, it’s important to choose a high quality wine cooler, and sticking to well-known brands like Vinotemp, Newair or Edgestar will certainly help.


How to maintain and take care of your wine refrigerator

As with any appliance, it’s important to make sure you maintain your wine refrigerator properly so that it lasts as long as possible. This includes making sure you clean the interior and exterior of your wine refrigerator every once in a while.

Not only is this important to keep your wine fridge in good condition, but to also make sure that you’re keeping your wine bottles clean too.

If you’re going to drink wine from a bottle, it’s important to clean your bottle and your refrigerator. If you don’t clean your fridge very often, and you’re not cleaning the bottles, it’s likely that mould will develop, which will ruin the wine and make it unsafe to drink.

We’ve included a video demonstration from YouTube, to show you exactly how to clean your wine bottles at home.

Additionally, there’s a useful guide here too, from The Crown Choice.



The average lifespan for a wine refrigerator is 10-15 years. However, this entirely depends on the quality of the unit, and the way that you look after it. With that being said, it can last certainly last for longer.

If you’re interested in browing for a new wine fridge to either get started in collecting wine, or potentially replace your current model, why not take a look at our recommended ranges which we’ve included links to below:

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