can you put a wine refrigerator on carpet?
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Can You Put a Wine Fridge on Carpet?

David J Sharp
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Wine refrigerators are a necessity for wine collectors, but many are not sure if they should place their wine fridge on carpet. This article will explore the benefits and disadvantages of placing a wine cooler on carpet.

Many wine collectors are not sure if they should place their wine fridge on carpet. Some do not want to worry about the potential of spills, while others want to make sure it is as cool as possible.

This article will explore every aspect of this question.

Can you put a wine refrigerator on carpet?

To answer this question bluntly, no you should not position a wine cooler on carpet.

1. Why you shouldn’t put your wine refrigerator on carpet

The risk of fire hazards is very high for wine fridges placed on carpeted surfaces, because carpet is flammable and sadly electric fires can happen.

Why is this?

Well, wine fridges produce heat during operation, and this heat can reach temperatures that are too high if the appliance is placed on carpeting. If the heat is not released from the appliance properly, it can cause a fire.

Although there are some that believe carpets can help to dampen the noise of an appliance, thus they help extend the life of your wines, they’re still best to be avoided if not for the potential overheating.

Another one of the main reasons to not keep your fridge on carpet is that spills and leaks are bound to happen. If you spill any wine on the carpet, the excess of moisture can lead to mold or mildew developing, and it’s a pain to try and clean wine stains…especially a red wine stain.

2. Where can you place your wine cooler?

The best place for a wine refrigerator to be placed is on a flat surface. This is important because it keeps the wine fridge contents balanced, so it doesn’t fall out.

If a wine refrigerator is on an uneven surface, the wine bottles may not fit properly, and when the temperature is changed by the compressor, it may not be evenly distributed throughout the cooler.

It is important to not place wine bottles in direct sunlight because heat and light can damage the wine (more specifically the tannins), alter the taste, and degrade the quality of the wine.

This is why wine fridges are usually kept stored in a wine cellar, kitchen, dining room, or bar environment, which have solid, even floors and a cool room temperature with proper ventilation.

3. Tiled, Laminate, Stone or Wood Flooring

A wine cooler should be placed on solid flooring because it is more stable and less likely to tip over. Therefore, placing your wine fridge on tiled, laminate, stone, or wood flooring is the best option.


Wine storage can be tough, but we hope that you’re more clued up on where to position your wine cooler after reading this article.

Solid floors are the best for storing wine fridges because they are more durable, cleaner, and have better structural support. To prevent vibrations, you can simply use a mat to help absorb some of the excessive vibrations which are caused by the cooler itself.

As we mentioned, look at your cellar, kitchen, dining room or bar setting (if it’s for commercial usage) and evaluate which room ticks the most boxes.

David J Sharp is a wine equipment expert, having previously worked with some of the best wine cooler manufacturers within the USA. Today he works as a full-time wine cooler and wine cellar consultant for small and large clients alike. You can find out more about LoveCraftWines here.

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