why have a dual zone wine fridge?
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Why Have a Dual Zone Wine Cooler?

David J Sharp
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In this article, we’re going to be discussing the reasons that you’d want to have a dual zone wine fridge to store all of your wine collection. Do you need one? is it all necessary?

Whether you’re a wine collector, enthusiast or a casual wine drinker, a dual zone unit can suit your needs, but let’s talk about the specific benefits.

So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Why choose a dual zone wine fridge?

There are three main reasons that you’d want to choose a dual zone wine refrigerator over a single zone wine cooler:

  • Storing varieties of wine
  • Space Saving
  • Cost-Effective

Storing varieties of wine

The most common reason why people choose to use a dual-temperature wine fridge is that they’re looking to store different types of wine in one physical unit. Therefore, they need a fridge that can simultaneously accommodate the temperature requirements of each type.

Because dual zone units have 2 separate compartments which are independently controlled by thermostats, it means that you can easily store and cool your red wine collection at a different temperature to your white wine bottle collection.

Space Saving

The alternative to having one dual zone cooler, is to purchase two single-zone wine fridges, which would take up a larger amount of physical space.

Therefore, a dual zone wine cooler is perfect for those who want to make efficient use of their space and keep all of their bottle collection within one unit.


As just mentioned, the alternative to owning a dual zone wine cooler is to purchase 2 single-zone units.

The cost of 2 single zone wine fridges is substantially more than the cost of 1 dual zone unit.

Therefore, it’s a lot more cost-effective to go down the route of looking for a dual zone wine refrigerator that satisfies all of your bottle capacity requirements.


If you’re looking to collect and store multiple types of wine simultaneously, and make rue they’re being stored at the ideal temperature, then a dual zone wine cooler is the perfect solution.

Otherwise, if you’re only looking to store one type of wine at any one time, then a single zone wine fridge might be more suitable.

David J Sharp is a wine equipment expert, having previously worked with some of the best wine cooler manufacturers within the USA. Today he works as a full-time wine cooler and wine cellar consultant for small and large clients alike. You can find out more about LoveCraftWines here.

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