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Where to Buy Ivation Wine Coolers?

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Within this article we’re going to be talking about the best online place to buy an Ivation wine cooler, and exactly why that is.

So without further do, let’s get into it!

Where to Buy an Ivation Wine Cooler

There are mainly two online distributors which sell this brand of wine fridge and are considered the best. These are:

1) Ivation – Manufacturer

2) Amazon – Leading Ecom marketplace

Why buy an Ivation wine fridge from Ivation?

Is buying directly from the manufacturer a good choice? Well, there are several benefits to doing this, and the key ones are:

1) You’ll most likely receive better and quicker customer service/support, because a third party will have to approach the manufacturer with any issues that they can’t handle themselves.

2) Buying from a manufacturer is more often less expensive than buying from an intermediary, as it’s often the case where distributors & 3rd party sellers will mark up the price, for their own profits.

Why buy an Ivation wine fridge from Amazon?

Is buying an Ivation wine cooler from Amazon really a good decision?

Well, Amazon is great because they provide their customers with A+ customer support, in terms of making sure that they are fully satisfied with their purchase.

Ultimately this prevents manufacturers & 3rd party resellers from behaving unscrupulously because they know that Amazon will simply not tolerate any wrongdoings and prevents those sellers from operating. Therefore you can rest assured that you’ll be able to refund/return the wine fridge if you experience problems.

In addition to this, Amazon has worked extremely hard to make sure their platform provides a great user experience, and this means that it’s quick, easy and convenient to use. Therefore, purchasing a wine cooler is extremely easy.

It’s safe to say that the majority of the US population have used and own an Amazon account. This is most certainly a benefit as it proves the website is trustworthy. However, this might not be the case when buying directly from a wine manufacturer or even a reseller’s website, where you have no idea if they’ll bombard you with new sales promotions, or even sell your personal data.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions that we get asked about Ivation:

Who is Ivation?

Ivation is a very well-known appliance manufacturer, which manufacturer everything from wine coolers to kegerators, ice makers, mini-fridges, and beverage coolers.

Why buy an Ivation wine refrigerator?

The brand has established itself as a reputable wine fridge manufacturer and has accumulated a number of highly positive customer reviews and ratings. They’re one of the best-selling wine storage manufacturers.

Whether you’re looking to store your wine collection of red wine, white wine, rose or more, you can rest assured that a wine refrigerator from Ivation will do a good job of maintaining an ideal, chilled temperature.

Who are Ivation wine coolers for?

So whether you’re an experienced wine collector, sommelier or casual wine lover, Ivation provides a wide wine fridge range to suit your requirements. Being an extremely reputable brand within the industry, known for producing quality units, it’s easy to see why they are such a popular choice.

Where are Ivation fridges made?

As seen on their website, Ivation is based in New Jersey.

More specifically, the company address is:

114 Tived Lane, Edison, NJ. 08837, USA

Although it’s not clear as to whether the wine fridges are just stored in this location, or actually manufactured there.

What type of wine fridges does Ivation manufacture?

Ivation offers a wide variety of wine bottle fridges, which vary in both bottle capacity, shape/size and the materials that are used. They have some particularly nice stainless steel fronted wine coolers which belong to their premium range.

Ivation does a good job in making their range of thermoelectric and compressor wine fridge cooler looks visually appealing and sleek. They do this by using lovely beechwood shelving (removable racks), soft interior lighting which is due to the LEDs and an LCD display for programming the unit and changing temperature settings.

However, these specific wine cooler types include:


Flagship products

In this section, we’re included some of Ivation’s most popular products. Most of these are suited for kitchen placement, commercial or even positioning in a wine cellar:

Ivation IVFWCT081B – 8 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine CoolerSee Product

Ivation 8 Bottle

One of Ivation’s smallest wine fridges which they offer. This thermoelectric wine fridge is perfect to be used on a countertop and can hold up to 8 wine bottles.

Considering its size, capacity and colling type, it’s best suited for casual wine drinkers.

Ivation IVFWCC125LB – 12 Bottle Compressor Wine CoolerSee Product

Ivation 12 Bottle

Slightly larger in size, with a 12 wine bottle capacity. This freestanding cooler is compressor-powered, making it more powerful than a thermoelectric powered unit.

It’s also ideal for casual wine drinkers.

Ivation IVFWCC241LB – 24 BottleThermoelectricDual ZoneSee Product

Ivation 24 Bottle

This is one of Ivation’s few dual zone wine fridge units, which just so happens to be thermoelectric-powered.

With a 24 bottle capacity, this freestanding wine cooler is great for casual wine drinkers who’re looking to store both red and white wines in one physical unit.

Ivation IVBWCC461DSS – 29 Bottle, Compressor – Dual ZoneSee Product

Ivation 29 Bottle

A compressor-powered unit by Ivation has dual-zone capability, also making it perfect for storing multiple types of wine within a 29-bottle capacity wine fridge.

It boasts a soft interior light, to help you see your wine collection from the outside, without having to open the fridge. Additionally, the LED type is non-damaging to wines.

This means you’ll be able to store your sparkling white wines alongside your rose, red or other varieties of white wine.

It has front-facing air ventilation, making it a built-in wine cooler, ideal for under counter usage.

Overall, this is a versatile wine fridge, with a medium storage capacity, making it best suited for home usage, by those wine collectors who want to store multiple varieties of wine within one wine cooler.

Ivation IVBWCC461DSS – 46 Bottle, Compressor – Dual ZoneSee Product

Ivation 46 Bottle

This is one of Ivation’s largest wine fridges, which is compressor-powered and has dual-zone capability, making it perfect for storing multiple types of wine as compressor wine fridges are more powerful than thermoelectric units.

That means you’ll be able to store your sparkling wine alongside your red and white wine.

It boasts a smoked tempered glass door, to help reflect any exterior light from damaging your wine.

Additionally, it has front-facing ventilation, making it a built-in wine cooler, ideal for under counter usage.

Overall, since this is a 46 bottle wine cooler, ideal for either built-in or freestanding usage, and having dual zone functionality, this is one of their most versatile wine coolers, making it great for both home and commercial use.

Does Ivation offer a return policy?

So we hear this question a lot, “What is the ivation return policy?”. However, it’s not stated on the website, so we’re not exactly sure on the answer here.

Who are the main competitors of Ivation?

There are several direct competitors to Ivation which include NewAir, Allavina, Kalamera, Karcassin, Magic Chef, EdgeStar, Wine Enthusiast, Whynter, Danby & More.

However, the manufacturers/distributors that we’ve listed above are the most popular and reputable competitors.

David J Sharp is a wine equipment expert, having previously worked with some of the best wine cooler manufacturers within the USA. Today he works as a full-time wine cooler and wine cellar consultant for small and large clients alike. You can find out more about LoveCraftWines here.

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