What Is The Best Brand Of Wine Refrigerator?
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What Is The Best Brand Of Wine Fridge?

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In this article, we’ll be discussing what the best brand of wine fridge is that’s on the market.

Now, to do this as objectively as possible, we’ve determined this based on the wine fridge brands which have the highest number of 5-star ratings.

How do we determine this, well we’ve looked at several platforms, including Trustpilot, Feefo and the most well-known eCommerce marketplaces.

With that being said, here are the top 5 brands of wine fridge:

Best Brands of Wine Refrigerator – Top 5

  1. Kalamera
  2. Phiestina
  3. Lanbo
  4. Colzer
  5. Staigis



Website: https://www.kalamera.com/

Location: California, USA

Stocks: Built-in & freestanding wine coolers. Wine/beverage coolers.

Bottle Capacity: Ranges from 18 bottles to 157 bottles

Avg Customer Review Rating: 4.3/5*

About this brand: The company have a wide range of wine coolers available, from small to large wine coolers, and single zone through to dual zone wine fridges.

Each of their units has received extremely favourable reviews on the few well-known eCommerce marketplaces.

Not to mention, their wine coolers are well-priced, however, a little on the premium-priced side… But it’s quality that you pay for! Afterall, we’re storing a lot of wines in a wine fridge, and we want it to be reliable.

With all of that being said, this is why we’ve had to feature them as the top wine refrigerator brand on 2021/22.


Website: https://phiestinacoolers.com/

Location: California, USA

Stocks: Built-in & freestanding wine coolers. Wine/beverage coolers.

Bottle Capacity: Ranges from 29 bottles to 46 bottles

Avg Customer Review Rating: 4.4/5*

About this brand: After looking at the Phiestina website, and comparing it with the Kalamera, it’s clear that both brands are run by the same business.

They too offer a decent wine cooler and beverage cooler range, with their wine fridge collection varying between 29 and 46 bottle capacity.

Therefore, this might not necessarily be the brand for you if you’re a serious wine collector looking to store a large wine collection. Or in fact, someone looking for a commercial-sized, large wine cooler for their bar or restaurant. In this case, a Kalamera wine fridge may be more suitable.

However, Phiestina is an extremely reputable brand, and a great choice for those wanting a reliable wine fridge.


Website: https://www.lanboappliances.com/

Location: California, USA

Stocks: Built-in & Freestanding. Single, Dual & Triple zone wine coolers. Wine/beverage coolers.

Bottle Capacity: Ranges from 33 bottles to 289 bottles

Avg Customer Review Rating: 4.3/5*

About this brand: Lanbo is a very well-respected wine fridge manufacturer that is known for producing high-quality wine storage solutions.

They have the largest range of wine coolers when compared to the other brands featured within this article. Therefore, whether you’re looking for a small wine fridge or a large wine refrigerator, Lanbo have ideal units to suit.

Additionally, they’re the only brand in this list to provide not just single zone and dual zone wine coolers, but also triple zone wine fridges… Which are suitable for professional wine collectors and commercial applications.

So these kinds of units are extremely useful for those who might want to store their vast collection of red wine, white wine, rose wine and chardonnay within one physical wine fridge. Ideal for storing within a wine cellar.

Finally, Lanbo offers the largest bottle sized units, with one of their wine cooler models having a 289 wine bottle capacity. This is perfect for bars, restaurants and other commercial environments.


Website: https://colzer.com/

Location: N/A (Not provided on site)

Stocks: Built-in & freestanding wine cooler. Wine/beverage coolers.

Bottle Capacity: 30 bottles

Avg Customer Review Rating: 4.3/5*

About this brand:

Colzer have a very small range of wine coolers, and you won’t be able to find these on their site, but mainly on Amazon.

Nonetheless, the company offer a 30 bottle built-in wine cooler which has accumulated a large number of positive reviews and customer ratings. For this reason, we’re including them within the list today.

As this particular unit is suitable for the storage of 30 wine bottles, making it less ideal for serious wine collectors… But fine for the casual wine drinker who just wants to store their favourite wine.


Website: N/A

Location: N/A (Not provided on site)

Stocks: Freestanding and built in wine cooler. Dual zone wine cooler, Wine/beverage cooler.

Bottle Capacity: 30 bottles & 46 bottles

Avg Customer Review Rating: 4.4/5*

About this brand:

Staigis is the final brand of wine chiller that we’ve featured on this list. They have a small range of wine fridges, which include one 30 bottle capacity unit, and a 46 bottle capacity wine cooler.

One of the stand-out characteristics of the brand is that they have accumulated a good number of extremely positive customer reviews/ratings. Earning an overall star rating of 4.4/5.

Similarly to Colzer, choosing a Staigis wine refrigerator would only be suitable if you’re looking for a mid-sized unit. Therefore, it might not necessarily be ideal for commercial usage, in a bar or restaurant setting… Unless the 46 bottle wine fridge is all that’s needed.

Their 46 bottle unit has dual zone capability, so it’s fine for storing your entire wine bottle collection.

As far as we’re concerned, we think that Staigis’ range is suitable for a casual wine drinker, or a casual wine collector, looking to store their collection of white, rose and red wine.

How do you choose the best wine cooler brand?

Whilst considering the brands to feature within this article, we mainly looked at customer reviews and ratings. This is a great indicator of product quality, and whether the wine cooler met the expectations of the user.

Not to mention, most people leave a review after a few weeks of using the wine fridge, meaning that they get very well familiarised with the features, good aspects and bad aspects of using it.

This ultimately means they’re an expert in reviewing the product, and unbiased in whether it’s favourable or unfavourable to the brand. So you get the true information as to whether a wine fridge is worth purchasing.

However, we look at the brand’s entire range of products to take a weighted average, to determine their overall ‘avg customer review rating’.

Finally, we’re also looking at review aggregating sites like Trustpilot and Feefo to shed light on the brand itself.

What are the main key factors to consider when choosing a wine cooler?

We’re written an entire article on this subject which you can find here: how to choose a wine cooler.

However, we’ve bullet-pointed some of the main factors below, but we highly suggest taking a read of the above article, for a more in-depth look at the article we’ve linked to above.

  1. Size – How much physical space do you have to store a wine fridge?
  2. Bottle Capacity – What kind of bottle capacity do you require?
  3. Type of Wine – What type of wine do you like to store inside the wine fridge?
  4. Single vs Dual Zone – Do you want to have a separate temperature zone to store your white wine and for your red wine?
  5. Weight – Do you want your wine fridge to be portable so you can easily move it, if required? A small wine cooler, such as a countertop wine cooler will be a lot easier to move than a large wine cooler.

David J Sharp is a wine equipment expert, having previously worked with some of the best wine cooler manufacturers within the USA. Today he works as a full-time wine cooler and wine cellar consultant for small and large clients alike. You can find out more about LoveCraftWines here.

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