What Brands Make Dual Zone Wine Coolers
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What Brands Make Dual Zone Wine Coolers

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Wine coolers are fantastic appliances to help individuals and business’ store their collection of wines, in order to keep them fresh and protect them from aging.

In this article, we’re going to be discussing which particular brands manufacture and sell dual zone wine coolers.

However, to make sure that everyone’s one the same page, let’s briefly discuss what exactly a dual zone wine fridge is:

What is a dual zone wine cooler?

A dual zone wine refrigerator is a wine storage device with two cooling zones. As a result, it’s ideal for those who want to store different types of wine within the same physical unit while keeping them at the ideal temperature.

The bottle capacity of these units varies, but typically ranges from 20 to 500+ bottles.

These types of unit are excellent investments for both serious wine enthusiasts, wine collectors, and businesses (bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, etc).

Factors to consider when choosing a dual zone wine cooler

Although we’ve talked about some of the most popular brands which manufacture such wine coolers, it’s still important to do research on the brand and the particular model of unit which you’re looking to potentially purchase. Here are some important factors to consider when looking to choose a dual zone wine fridge:

Brand/Manufacturer Reputation

The reputation of the brand will almost certainly be a major deciding factor when purchasing a wine refrigerator.

Level of Customer service

Customer service, which is essentially an insurance policy, is one of the most important factors to consider.

When it comes to customer service, make sure the company you’re purchasing from is easy to reach and has a good reputation.

How to assess the customer service of a brand?

There are two ways to accomplish this, the first being much simpler and the second being the real test:

  1. Check out Google Reviews and websites like Trustpilot and Feefo to see unbiased customer reviews and feedback for each brand. You should average their (10) overall rating in the reviews.
  2. Have a look on their site to see if a live chat or email contact option is available, visit the brand’s website. If they have a live chat, they just received a point (+1). Email their customer service department if you have a query about a particular wine cooler listed on their website. Additionally, you’re seeking responsiveness and depth of response. The response is quicker, more thorough, and more beneficial the higher the score. You can just divide the total by ten for each brand.

You are now left with a score for both 1 and 2. The brands that have excellent customer service are ranked higher than those that don’t when you simply add up the scores.


The duration of the warranty is also an important consideration. You’d like to know if they provide a warranty because you’re purchasing a wine cooler from their website. It’s also critical to understand the terms and conditions of the warranty, as some manufacturers provide separate labour and parts warranties.


Each wine refrigerator will have its own distinct features; for example, some will have a single cooling zone, whereas others will have dual-zone, tri-zone, or even quad-zone capacity. Not only that, but wine fridges can differ in terms of internal storage space, whether or not they have adjustable shelves or a display shelf, the materials used to construct the shelving (metal or wood), whether or not they have a reversible door, and much more. As a result, it is critical that you consider these factors before selecting one.

Physical Dimensions

Before purchasing a wine fridge, it is critical to consider its physical dimensions because they come in a variety of sizes and heights. You may discover that it does not fit into the designated space at home, such as your kitchen or wine cellar, if you do not consider the size. In a commercial setting, such as a bar or restaurant. Furthermore, failing to consider the dimensions beforehand can make transporting the unit difficult, especially if there are narrow doorways, low ceilings, stairways, and sharp turns on the way to where it will be stored.


Finally, the price of each small wine refrigerator will vary, especially between brands. Because a wine fridge is a long-term investment, you should expect to pay more for a unit that will last longer. The worst thing you can do is purchase a unit that breaks and needs to be replaced… So make sure you have enough money to buy a good wine fridge.

With all of that being said, we’ve included a list of the most reputable, trustworthy wine fridge brands below. We’ve taken into account product customer reviews & ratings, alongside the amount of time that the business has been in operation.

What brands make dual zone wine coolers?

Here are some of the most popular brands which manufacture dual zone wine fridges:

Where can you purchase a dual zone wine refrigerator?

We suggest either purchasing directly from the manufacturer, or from a reputable, well-known marketplace such as Amazon.

Both options have distinct advantages/disadvantages, which we’ve discussed in this article.

However, to summarise, the manufacturer is a specialist in their product, so it will be easier to resolve technical issues with direct communication with them. Whereas Amazon prides itself on being on the buyer’s side if there are any disputes, so you’re more likely to get a refund or a more immediate resolution to the issue at hand by buying through them.

How Much Does a dual zone wine refrigerator cost?

Dual zone wine fridges are generally seen in units with a bottle capacity from 20 bottles through to 300+ bottles. Therefore, due to the wide range of units it can cover, the price of such units varies quite dramatically.

However, what exactly is the cost of a dual zone wine refrigerator, well prices start at around $300 and can even surpass $5000+ depending on multiple factors.


A dual zone wine cooler is a fantastic, space-saving, and energy-efficient way to store your collection of wines, whether that’s your personal wine collection or your business’ (a bar, restaurant, nightclub, etc).

If you’re still on the fence about whether such a unit is ideal for your needs, take a read of the following articles:

Understanding the key benefits and potential drawbacks of such a unit will allow you to determine whether this type of wine fridge is appropriate for your needs.

However, when it comes to wine refrigerators, there are numerous excellent options.

However, it is critical to select the best one for your requirements. Before making a decision, make sure to consider everything from price to features.

Rest assured that if you want a quality wine refrigerator that will last for years, one of the brands mentioned above is a great option.

Finally, if you’re looking to buy, take a read of our top-recommendations for dual zone wine coolers.

David J Sharp is a wine equipment expert, having previously worked with some of the best wine cooler manufacturers within the USA. Today he works as a full-time wine cooler and wine cellar consultant for small and large clients alike. You can find out more about LoveCraftWines here.

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