How Much Does A Small Wine Refrigerator Cost?
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How Much Does A Small Wine Fridge Cost?

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In this article, we’re going to be discussing how much a small wine refrigerator costs, alongside the key aspects to consider when looking at a unit.

Additionally, we’ll be briefly talking about exactly where you can purchase one, and the reasons why these providers are the best choice.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s get into it!

How Much Is A Small Wine Fridge?

Firstly, a small wine fridge can simply be defined as a unit that has a small wine bottle capacity. This is usually smaller than the normal size and is more energy-efficient than a medium or large-sized wine cooler is.

This usually means that it can hold less than approximately 20 wine bottles. We’d consider them to be slightly different from a mini fridge, which is usually even smaller in capacity, and can also be used as a beverage cooler.

A mini refrigerator is a small refrigerator that has enough space to hold some beverages and food items for a few people. It can be used as an extra fridge or to store drinks for guests who come over.

A compact appliance is usually placed on the countertop and has the same size as an oven or microwave oven.

A compressor wine cooler is typically larger than the other types of small wine coolers due to its cooling capacity which ranges

Regarding the price of a small wine cooler, they’re usually priced anywhere from $100 through to $500+ depending on the brand and model that you choose.

There are some common features that every wine fridge has, alongside some features that can dictate the price to be larger, these include:

  • A UV-resistant glass door to prevent UV rays from damaging the wine
  • LED lighting
  • Solid wooden shelving
  • Stainless steel outer cabinet
  • Dual cooling zones, instead of a single cooling temperature zone – These are more expensive because they allow for both white wine and red wine to be stored at their ideal temperature, in one physical unit.
  • A built in wine cooler is usually more expensive than a freestanding wine cooler, and that’s because they’re more versatile in their placement options. For instance, a built-in wine fridge can be placed under a kitchen counter, or in a freestanding position. Where a freestanding unit can only be placed in a freestanding position.

What should I consider when purchasing one?

When you are purchasing a wine fridge, there are several key considerations that you need to take into account. These include the size of the interior space, the exterior size and what type of cooling unit it has.

The interior space is one of the most important considerations when buying a wine fridge. You want to make sure that you have enough room for your bottles. The exterior size is also important because it affects how much room you have in your kitchen or wherever else you want to put it.

Another aspect you’ll want to consider is the temperature range of the considered units. After all, you’re looking to ensure that your wine collection is stored at its optimal temperature setting, without any temperature fluctuations

Finally, the brand/model should be considered, and you’ll want to search for and check customer reviews to get an accurate indication as to whether the unit is reliable, and the brand is reputable.

Who is a small wine cooler ideal for?

A small wine cooler is ideal for a wine lover who wants to keep their wine at the perfect temperature, but either, may not drink too much wine (at least regularly), or simply want to save space in their home, and not have a large fridge.

What are the different types of small wine cooler?

Small wine coolers are available in different shapes and sizes. They can be placed on the countertop or inside a wine cabinet.

Specifically, they can be put into the following categories, which are countertop units, thermoelectric-powered ones, compressor-powered wine fridges

What are the best small wine coolers?

We’ve written an entire buyers guide on the best small wine coolers, and therefore take a read of that article if you’re interested in learning about which product/manufacturer is preferred.

Now, we always advise sticking to the well-known brands, because they usually offer the best manufacturers warranty and assurance that your wine fridge is not going to break. Also, you can easily check up on customer reviews/ratings for these brands, compared to a lesser-known brand.

Some great brands include Wine Enthusiast, Vinotemp, Allavino, Whynter, Newair, Eurocave, Frigidaire, EdgeStar, Phiestina and more.

David J Sharp is a wine equipment expert, having previously worked with some of the best wine cooler manufacturers within the USA. Today he works as a full-time wine cooler and wine cellar consultant for small and large clients alike. You can find out more about LoveCraftWines here.

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