Does a Wine Fridge Use Much Electricity
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Does a Wine Fridge Use Much Electricity?

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In this article we’re going to be discussing how much electricity a typical wine fridge uses.

A common question we get is, are wine coolers expensive to run? And so we’ll be addressing the specific amounts of energy that wine fridges use in this article.

We’re going to be measuring this by the wattage, since this is by definition, energy usage over time.

Since there are many different types and sizes of wine cooler, we’re going to be splitting this article into different sections, to accommodate for each type/size.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s talk about the typical energy consumption of a wine refrigerator:

Does a Wine Fridge Use Much Electricity?

As we briefly mentioned, we’ve split the content below into sections, so that you can find the precise energy consumption for your particular type of wine cooler.

Sizes / Bottle Capacity

Small (6-15 Bottles)

The average wattage consumption of a small wine cooler is approximately 75 watts.

Medium (18-35 Bottles)

The average wattage consumption of a medium wine cooler is approximately 125 watts.

Large (36-600+ Bottles)

The average wattage consumption of a large wine cooler is approximately 200 watts.



A thermoelectric wine cooler utilises the Peltier effect to cool wine bottles, and therefore it has no moving parts, and therefore requires less energy than a compressor unit.


A compressor wine cooler uses liquid refrigerant which circulates the system, and therefore it requires more energy as the system has physically moving parts.

Single Zone

A single zone wine cooler has one cooling zone.

Dual Zone

A dual zone wine cooler has two cooling zones, which have seperate temperature controls. Because of this, they require more electricity than a single-zone unit.

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